Ultra-high strength steel

When people talk about steel, they are generally referring to mild steel. Today however, there are many more advanced grades of steel available. The optimum steel for the job depends on what the product will be used for and what properties it should have.

Modul-System’s ultra-high strength steel is four times stronger than mild steel. Its extreme strength enables constructions in substantially thinner steel plate, which means lighter-weight products. However, designing in ultra-high strength steel is not as easy as it might sound. To get good rigidity with thinner steel normally requires modifying the shape.

The new shelves have a rolled edge that counteracts flexure (bending). This patent-pending design allows for a weight reduction of up to 40 percent compared with the equivalent shelf in mild steel.

The patent-pending rolled edge construction of the new shelves counteracts the flexure (bending) that would have occurred with a traditional edge solution when subjected to heavy loads.

Comparing different materials

All steel, regardless of strength, has identical density and e-modulus. This means that products of the same size and shape, whatever the grade of steel, will weigh as much and bend as much when loaded. The difference between them is their strength, where an ultra-high strength steel can bear up to 6 times the load of an equivalent product of aluminium.