Inverters/Converters & On-board Power

Mains electricity is often required on-board vehicles and in remote applications to drive tools, computers, air-conditioning, refrigeration, re-charge cordless tool batteries, and other specialised loads where the mains power is required while the vehicle is being driven.

What ever your need, we can fulfil it safely, effectively, in a way that is easy to use and guarantee we don't flatten your battery.

This comprehensive range includes 110V output for use with equipment external to the vehicle where legislation demands.

All inverters can be supplied with 48V input (special order only).

Supply & Install of Power Inverter/Convertor

Key Benefits:

- 200W- 3000W
-12V or 24V, 110V/230V
-Serial port to allow external control
-Can run all load power factors
-Battery low voltage shutdown
-Battery over-voltage shutdown
-Overload protection
-Short circuit protection
-Thermal protection
-Crystal controlled frequency
-Stable fully regulated sine output
-Simple flange mounting
-BS4343 socket options
-Robust enclosure
-Remote control monitoring panel
-48VDC option (special order)